Brewed Coffee

Drip Coffee (Hot / Iced)

Freshly brewed coffee.
S 290yen T 330yen G 370yen V 410yen

Caffè Misto

Brewed coffee with steamed milk
S 340yen T 380yen G 420yen V 460yen

Ordering your beverage

(1)  Choose your preferred beverage.

(2)  Choose your preferred size.

(3)  Customize your beverage.
Extra shot of espresso: +50 yen
Vanilla, Almond Toffee, or Caramel syrup: +50 yen
Soymilk*: +50yen
Low fat or nonfat milk: Free of charge
Adjustments to drink temperature, milk and/or water quantity: Available by request

(4)  Visit the Condiment Bar
Sugar, Low-fat sweetener, Coffee sugar, Orange Vanilla sugar, Honey, Cocoa powder, Coffee powder, Cinnamon powder, Whole milk, Nonfat milk, Coffee creamer, Liquid sugar

Receive a 20 yen discount when you use your own mug, tumbler or cup.
Prices at certain stores differ from those above.
Some menu items may not be available at certain stores.
Prices don’t include consumption tax.
The soymilk that Starbucks uses is adjusted soymilk.

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